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Our mission…

"To provide service that exceeds the expectations of your membership, experience that provides you leadership, vision that distinguishes your neighborhood with renewed community spirit."

As each year passes, a new community becomes an older neighborhood, both in appearance and the expectations of its members. At Cornerstone, our goal is to keep that appearance updated and member interest alive, providing the spark that transcends time, with vision that helps plan your community future.     

The needs of each community member change from year to year. So too must the philosophy of management that provides service to those members. Offering the same services year in and year out, does not keep pace with the changing environment we live in. Effective community management stems from being able to transcend innovative ideas into plans, which lead to results and renewed interest in community living.

Cornerstone Association Management Services is intent on becoming the unquestioned management leader for community association living. We are formed on a strong foundation of community management experience that reflects proven results. Experienced leadership, quality service along with proven results are a few of the reasons we are confident that we will accomplish our goal.

If we can assist your Community in achieving its goals, please call us for a customized proposal. We will be glad to meet with you and discuss your Association’s needs.

Gary E. Josephson


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Cornerstone Association Management Services, Inc.
P O Box 191185
Dallas, TX 75219

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Cornerstone Association Management Services, Inc.
P O Box 191185 Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 520-0099 | Fax: (214) 520-6463
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